Monsters of suburbia casting

Up and Coming Talent


I am excited by the possibility of working with a young cast who will bring their energy to Monsters of Suburbia. I have previously directed young children, college actors, and veterans of stage, television, and film, but this will be my first time working with teens, so I will also be fulfilling a dream of being a coach and mentor.

Prototypes for Leads


For the three main roles in Monsters of Suburbia, I will be looking at 15-16 year olds who are hungry for something to sink their teeth into, and who could use Monsters as a springboard for future feature projects or acting careers. While Ralph Macchio and C. Thomas Howell are the right age in The Outsiders (1983 above), the Matt Dillon of Over the Edge (1979 see "Up and Coming Talent"), would fit the mold better than the latter. They are cultural mutts, Instead of "greasers," they are metal heads, and instead of "socs," they're jocks, the combination of the two also being portrayed by the mix of teens in Richard Linklater's Dazed and Confused (1993).

Exciting Opportunity


Monsters of Suburbia is an exciting opportunity for the young cast to take part in a five night shoot where they get to strut their stuff in this taut three-act street opera. There is much more than method physicality and attitude here, where they will need to be light on their feet like a dancer in some instances, with moments of comedy, anger, hurt, and terror!