monsters of suburbia visual design

Locations - Residential


The first thing that comes to mind when people hear "suburbia" is probably rows of middle-class homes with tree lined sidewalks. But Monsters of Suburbia will be concerned with the dynamic of "border areas" between those neighborhoods and the working-class apartment/townhome spaces. 

Locations - Commercial


The vast parking lots between food, entertainment, and shopping centers plays a key role in the Monsters of Suburbia nighttime landscape.

Locations - Industrial


The third kind of location in Monsters of Suburbia are the industrial warehouse areas which serve as a cut-through, or hang-out area for teens.



I once heard a tour guide quote art critic John Ruskin as saying that a society's art and architecture direclly reflects the morals and values of the people who dwell in and use its buildings. Monsters of Suburbia critiques that designation in its own way by utilizing the concrete landscape of sidewalks, parking lots, and walls with only roofs visiible on the other side that is in stark contrast to the nostalgic suburbia made popular in recent TV and movie culture.



When studying the films of Alfred Hitchcock it is apparent that there is much more in every scene than just the possibility of suspense or shock. After reading Stephen Rebello's book on the making of Psycho (1960 above), I fine tuned my approach to everything that could be "in the scene," whether it is a particular painting in the background, a piece of clothing someone is wearing, or how lighting or color is used.

Production Design


WIth the events of Monsters of Suburbia taking place on Halloween,1987, there is great opportunity to be had with this production design. Shooting a holiday period piece will not only make the produciton that much more fun to make, but much more fun to watch!